We work with communities to protect and improve land for parks, gardens, trails and natural areas within Baltimore County's Urban Rural Demarcation Line (URDL), shown in green at above. In this densely populated place, 90% of the County's population lives on just 1/3 of  its total land area.  We seek to offset the effects of density by promoting health & well being, buffering local streams from polluted run-off, and enhancing the value of homes and businesses.  Learn more …

Like most land trusts, we rely heavily on the generosity of members who support our work.  Since 2012, the acreage we’ve protected has grown by 128% and our stewardship costs (e.g., insurance, monitoring, maintenance) by 70%. Membership costs just $18 annually for students and seniors and $24 for individuals. Please consider joining today.

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We are focused on 3 policy issues at present, including two that we hope to address by using our land in partnership with other organizations.  These include 1st, Food Insecurity; and 2nd, Disconnected Youth.  A 3rd  and perennial issue includes the set of County laws and policies that govern developer-created open space.  Learn more …



Neighborhood parks, trail easements, passive open spaces … We’ve preserved over 85 acres across 18 sites inside the URDL since 2005.  With our new mapping tool, we hope to do an even better job of aligning our conservation efforts with goals our constituents see as important. Learn more …



Here are the materials that we use to tell our story:  Presentations, fact sheets, posters, and more …


The county has a goal of maintaining 40% of the acreage inside the URDL with tree canopy. Donald C. Outen dedicated 29 years of service to the county focusing on forest sustainability.  He was principally responsible for the tree canopy goals inside the URDL, hence our decision to recognize him with this new program. Our experience has shown that much of the canopy inside the URDL is threatened by invasive species.  We seek to attack this challenge on our properties by raising money to save trees. Please consider joining by sponsoring a tree today.


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