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Since 2005, NeighborSpace has protected 18 properties totaling 85.7 acres, including 20.4 acres in fee and 65.3 acres in easements and valued at $1.5 million. They are shown on the map and described in the table below.

Projects evolve in 1 of 2 ways: (1) someone completes an acquisition application (available here); (2) we identify property through conservation mapping.

Acquisitions take 2 forms: (1) acceptance of a donated interest giving the donor valuable tax benefits; (2) purchase of an interest. Half of our current holdings were donated; the balance were purchased with open space waiver fee funds.

Ownership typically takes 1 of 2 forms: (1) a fee (the most extensive ownership interest in land) or (2) a conservation easement (a restriction on the owner’s right to use the land because of its value as public open space).

A star below indicates that we have created a separate page with more detail on a property. Click on the star to see the page.

Bentley Park Md Line Trail Ridgely Manor Powhatan Park Powhatan Park Md Line Trail Ridgely Manor Bentley Park